2013 Volleyball Camp




June 17-19, 2013

Hours:  9am—5pm daily (June 17—8am registration)

Grades:  5th-12th

Cost:  $225 (lunch included)

Maximize your volleyball potential at our Individual Skills Camp.  If your goals are to improve your overall technique, general tactical knowledge, and perhaps play collegiate volleyball, this is the camp for you!  All skills will be taught and reviewed including:  serving, passing, setting, hitting, blocking and digging.  It is a rigorous and challenging program with first-rate competition and outstanding instruction.



July 22-25, 2013

Hours:  July 22 (2 hour practice with UST staff during the day); July 23-25 1pm - 7pm (competition)

Grades:  Freshman, JV and Varsity Teams

Cost:  $100 per player (minimum of 7 per team)

Team Competition Camp is an intense, structured program that will focus on team development and performance through training with high school teammates and competition against participating camp teams.  Each team will receive a two hour practice with UST staff and the rest is competition and play.  It will allow for coaches to try different line ups before the high school season of competition begins.



Bring the UST Volleyball program to you!  Our staff will work with you to design a camp that specifically targets all areas of the game that you would like to improve at your school.  Camp days are typically five hours long with two sessions per day.  Sessions can range in content to include individual skill development, team training, position work, conditioning and team building. Our staff can also assist you with pre-game warm-ups and season practice planning.


With our Satellite Camps, you can mix and match different sessions to maximize the amount of value for your individual program.


We have dates available throughout June and July.  Please contact us in advance to reserve your dates as slots fill up quickly.


4 hour days (12 player minimum)

Two Day - Four Session Camp:  $100 per camper

Three Day - Six Session Camp:  $150 per camper

Four Day - Eight Session Camp:  $180 per camper


*There will be a $200 non-refundable deposit to guarantee your requested dates.

Please contact us directly to reserve your dates:

[email protected] or (713)831-7220