2014 Volleyball Schedule
  • * Conf. Event
  • % Scrimmage
  • ^ Exhibition
  • Home events are in bold
 DayTime OpponentScore Record 
156:00 PM vs. Lee CollegeL-2-3Photo Gallery Details
1610:00 AM @ Lee CollegeW-4-1 Details
 216:30 PM @ Saint Gregory's UniversityW-3-0recap1-0 Details
 2211:15 AM vs. John Brown UniversityL-0-3recap1-1 Details
 Oklahoma Baptist University Tournament
 3:45 PM vs. Lindenwood University-BellevilleL-2-31-2 Details
 Oklahoma Baptist University Tournament
 239:00 AM vs. Southwestern Assemblies of God UnivW-3-0recap2-2 Details
 Oklahoma Baptist University Tournament
 11:15 AM vs. (RV) Hastings CollegeL-0-32-3 Details
 Oklahoma Baptist University Tournament
 291:00 PM vs. Loyola UniversityW-3-2recap3-3 Details
 UST Labor Day Tournament
 5:00 PM vs. Saint Gregory's UniversityW-3-04-3 Details
 UST Labor Day Tournament
 301:00 PM vs. University of MobileL-0-3recap4-4 Details
 UST Labor Day Tournament
 7:00 PM vs. Texas CollegeW-3-05-4 Details
 UST Labor Day Tournament
 26:00 PM vs. Dallas Christian CollegeW-3-06-4 Details
 52:00 PM vs. Central Christian CollegeW-3-17-4 Details
 6:00 PM @ Dallas Christian CollegeW-3-0recap8-4 Details
 69:00 AM vs. Sul Ross State UniversityW-3-09-4 Details
 Austin College Tournament
 1:00 PM vs. University of Texas-DallasL-0-39-5 Details
 Austin College Tournament
 5:00 PM vs. Howard Payne UniversityW-3-110-5 Details
 Austin College Tournament
197:00 PM vs. Wiley CollegeL-1-3recap10-6 0-1Details
2011:00 AM vs. Jarvis Christian CollegeW-3-011-6 1-1Details
1:00 PM vs. Texas CollegeW-3-0recap12-6 2-1Details
236:30 PM @ Huston-Tillotson UniversityW-3-013-6 3-1Details
307:00 PM @ Our Lady of the Lake UniversityL-2-3recap13-7 3-2Details
41:00 PM vs. (2) University of Texas at BrownsvilleL-0-3recap13-8 3-3Details
111:00 PM @ Texas CollegeW-3-014-8 4-3Details
147:00 PM vs. Huston-Tillotson UniversityW-3-015-8 5-3Details
 216:00 PM @ Southwestern UniversityL-0-315-9 Details
246:30 PM vs. University of the SouthwestW-3-0recap16-9 6-3Details
287:00 PM vs. Our Lady of the Lake UniversityL-0-316-10 6-4Details
 Senior Night
317:00 PM @ (5) University of Texas at BrownsvilleL-0-316-11 6-5Details
77:00 PM @ Bacone CollegeL-2-316-12 6-6Details
811:00 AM @ Langston UniversityW-3-217-12 7-6Details
 142:30 PM vs. Bacone CollegeW-3-118-12 Details
 Red River Athletic Conference Tournament
 7:30 PM vs. (5) University of Texas at BrownsvilleL-0-318-13 Details
 Red River Athletic Conference Tournament