2015 Volleyball Schedule
  • * Conf. Event
  • % Scrimmage
  • ^ Exhibition
  • Home events are in bold
 DayTime OpponentScore Record 
146:00 PM vs. Lee CollegeW-3-2Photo Gallery Details
1510:00 AM @ Lee CollegeW-4-1 Details
 2112:00 PM vs. (19)Wayland Baptist UniversityL-1-30-1 Details
 Conference Clash SAC and RRAC
 6:00 PM @ Southwestern Assemblies of God UnivW-3-21-1 Details
 Conference Clash SAC and RRAC
 2212:00 PM @ Texas Wesleyan UniversityL-0-31-2 Details
 Conference Clash SAC and RRAC
 2:00 PM vs. John Brown UniversityL-0-31-3 Details
 Conference Clash SAC and RRAC
 281:00 PM vs. Wiley CollegeW-3-02-3 Details
 UST Tournament
 7:00 PM vs. University of the SouthwestW-3-03-3 Details
 UST Tournament
 292:00 PM vs. Southwestern CollegeW-3-14-3 Details
 UST Tournament
 13:00 PM vs. Huston-Tillotson UniversityW-3-25-3 Details
 5:00 PM @ Trinity UniversityL-0-35-4 Details
86:00 PM vs. Texas CollegeW-3-0recap6-4 1-0Details
 117:00 PM vs. Texas Wesleyan UniversityL-0-36-5 Details
122:00 PM vs. University of the SouthwestW-3-0recap7-5 2-0Details
186:00 PM @ Wiley CollegeW-3-08-5 3-0Details
191:00 PM @ Jarvis Christian CollegeW-3-09-5 4-0Details
 237:00 PM vs. Southwestern UniversityL-0-3recap9-6 Details
256:00 PM vs. Langston UniversityW-3-0recap10-6 5-0Details
26:00 PM vs. (RV)Our Lady of the Lake UniversityL-2-310-7 5-1Details
31:00 PM vs. Huston-Tillotson UniversityW-3-211-7 6-1Details
96:00 PM @ Texas CollegeW-3-012-7 7-1Details
171:00 PM @ University of the SouthwestW-3-213-7 8-1Details
236:00 PM vs. Wiley CollegeL-2-313-8 8-2Details
 Senior Night Alumni Weekend
241:00 PM vs. Jarvis Christian CollegeW-3-214-8 9-2Details
 DIg Pink Alumni Weekend
306:00 PM @ Langston UniversityW-3-115-8 10-2Details
 311:00 PM @ College of the OzarksL-1-315-9 Details
 3:00 PM vs. John Brown UniversityL-1-315-10 Details
66:00 PM @ (RV)Our Lady of the Lake UniversityL-0-315-11 10-3Details
71:00 PM @ Huston-Tillotson UniversityW-3-016-11 11-3Details
135:00 PM @ Wiley CollegeW-3-117-11 12-3Details
 RRAC Tournament San Antonio, Texas
 141:00 PM @ Our Lady of the Lake UniversityL-1-317-12 Details
 RRAC Tournament Championship San Antonio, Texas